Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Guidelines for Web Design with SEO Advantage

Designing a user friendly site is very important. This could be achieved by integrating good navigation of web pages. User should easily locate link and hyper links of sites so that he/she could go through inner pages of the site. Each pages linked to menu items should be exactly matching menu title. Home page should be linked to each and every page so that user can access home page easily and where as be possible link all pages from one another, Provide appropriate link and title within pages while referring to information.

To begin with browsers - Check your design in different browsers and fix all incompatibility issues. Set most commonly used screen resolution and check whether site display is fine. Make appropriate changes if needed. Try to use web safe colors. Integrate plug-in in pages very carefully. Try to use plug-in which are compatible with all browsers. Avoid using plug-in which are frequently updated.

In order to make your site search engine friendly interlinking of pages is very important. Make sure that each page of your site is interlinked with other pages. Put text links with appropriate keywords for your site. If you are putting image link than do not forget to put alter text keywords. Put appropriate Meta keywords and description. Avoid using JavaScript and flash as they are bad for search engines usability. After all visitors are most important asset for your site and you want as many visitors as possible. These are few basic guidelines to follow before you start with your design.

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